What do wedding invitations cost?

We get lots of questions about pricing of wedding invitations. We have invitations in every price range! Below is an explanation of what you could expect at different price tiers for the invitations that we offer. Because each custom project is unique, a custom quote will be provided for you once we obtain the details of your specific needs.
Under $2 per invitation:
An invitation in our $2 and under price range would likely be a pre-designed creation on a nice card stock that is flat printed with a single envelope. To stay on budget you may need to have your return address hand-written instead of printed. If you need reply information, those cards are additional, but you can also print reply information, directions, and other details on the back of some of these styles for no additional cost. Our best priced designs for this option are on our web site at freshink.printswell.com, but we also sell the beautiful designs of minted.com which are often close to this price point.
$2 to $4 per invitation
A $2 to $4 set would typically include thermography or flat printing on a nice card, and a basic reply card. You might have to do some leg work like hand-write your return address to stay at the bottom of this price tier. If double envelopes are important to you, we have options that include double envelopes in this price tier depending on your quantity.
$5 to $9 per invitation
A $5-$9 per invitation set would typically represent an engraved or thermography invitation from a brand you recognize like Crane or William Arthur, and depending on your quantity, the reply set may also be able to be included for that budget. Double envelopes are often a part of invitations in this price tier, and invitations from Crane and William Arthur also do come with tissue which can be important to some customers.
$10 and up per invitation
A $10 and up invitation would open doors to more of our artisan letterpress printing processes like high-end letterpress and foil manufacturers, and premium treatments like envelope liners, edge treatments, and thicker card stocks, along with multiple enclosures and custom artwork design time.