k. hall designs


The ultimate in candle gift giving. The k. hall blend of soy and other vegetable oils burns noticeably cleaner than low-grade paraffin waxes and is not "mushy" like straight soy. This blend has superior fragrance holding capabilities allowing aromas to radiate further, giving you hours  of luminous fragrance and the aesthetic pleasure of screenprinted candles. An all cotton core wick ensures a long, clean burn. Glass with an aluminum cover.

  • 8 oz. Candle, 60 hour burn
  • 24 oz. Candle, 120 hours of burn


Pomegranate is lovely and luminous with a blend of juicy-fruit notes and soothing wood depth.  

Egyptian Jasmine

The true scent of jasmine is known as the oil of love. This sensual flora is intoxicating. Made with fine oils including essential jasmine.


True to its name, this floral is delicate and heady with peaceful, watery notes. Reminiscent of dew covered vintage peonies.


Dreamy smooth, this blend of milk, oatmeal, vanilla and vetiver is a tranquil comforting scent with stirring, yet sweet seductive notes that are controlled by their classic, romantic and powdery virtue.


This tranquil fragrance has notes of sand, summer blossoms, and beach breezes known to leave one feeling calm and refreshed.

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