Strasbourg Foil-Stamped Napkins


Strasbourg Foil-Stamped Napkins

Item#:  v7a

Simply elegant describes these wonderful foil-stamped personalized napkins. Your initial glides with grace and looks great at any social occasion. The Strasbourg Napkin is a single letter foil-stamped napkin with a 3 inch high initial.

Napkin Colors: Black, Gray, White, Mocha, Gold, Ivory, Sage, Burgundy, Red, Pumpkin, Orange, Yellow, Mimosa, Citrus, Pistachio, Emerald, Hunter, Teal, Navy, True Blue, Bermuda Blue, Pastel Blue, Purple, Lavender, Magenta, Candy Pink, Classic Pink - size 5" x 5" 

Foil colors: White, Black, Silver, Royal Blue, Red, Copper, Gold, Pink, Bright Pink, Pastel Blue, Teal, Orange, Red Plum, Emerald, Purple

100 Strasbourg Foil-Stamped Napkins

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100 personalized napkins
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